Saturday, November 17, 2007

Group and individual interplay inside the market driven organization.

Many factors contribute to growth in the organization. Our individual aspirations and references in life tend to be governors of what we as individuals experience. These two drivers: aspiration and reference, will determine what paths we will pursue, how we relate to one another, what value we contribute to the greater good.

The good news is that if you’ve demonstrated any modicum of leadership, you’ve set some standard for others to witness and you may have actually inspired within a segment of those onlookers a desire to accomplish similar heroics.

This, for me gets at the essence of why group dynamic is such a wonderful and fascinating case study.

Team growth relies on leadership. The brand of leadership adopted within the organization and how that is demonstrated drives performance, creates opportunities, provides a quality of life within the organization environment. Freelancer Enterprises or Empires depend on a balanced and careful execution on leadership that grounds for all participants trust and rewards.

Reflecting on events, it's apparent we can frame systems that will result in a higher level of positive interplay in support of growing the business.