Friday, December 31, 2010

Your next client: Diagnosis

Diagnosis (from ancient Greek διάγνωσις = discernment) is the identification of the nature and cause of anything. Diagnosis is used in many different disciplines with variations in the use of logicsanalytics, and experience to determine the cause and effect relationships. In systems engineering and computer science, diagnosis is typically used to determine the causes of symptoms, mitigations for problems, and solutions to issues.

Some thoughts about engaging your next client. Entering into a client relationship presents opportunity, new understanding and often prestige as your organization attracts profile business that reflects on who you are and your company's reputation and leadership in the market. 

Navigating through the sales cycle and winning new business is a rewarding process.
Here's three areas that have an impact on how you bring onboard new clients and build successful relationships: diagnosis, voice and pain relief. Starting this week with...

    The diagnosis begins when we're asked to evaluate our client’s unique requirement, define the mandate and eventually present. Depending on how this unique dynamic is cast, the effort sets important ground rules for secure relations and proper engagement or unfortunately, unfolds with a pass. What is evident along the way and from years past, another "ship" will sail to port. 

    The movement online has shifted the playing field. The web universe, which has been disruptive in many business segments extends opportunities to leverage client brand. Online offers new distribution channels, expansion of market presence and global awareness. The transition for many organizations requires a renewed emphasis on leadership. The online universe is a crowded space with lots of noise and mixed signals. Careful review of the client's service line will validate how to proceed online and what social utilities should be adopted.

    Empathy and Authenticity
    Diagnosis includes review of emotional factors and how these elements are integral to the user experience combined with functional engineering of online technology. What level of focus has been placed on the organizations language and choice of words? What is the nature of personality conveyed within the existing messaging? Has the choice of words written aligned with market demographics, stakeholders and audiences? Aligning properly with the client organization requires an understanding of their unique attributes and the emotional drivers regarding their identity in the market. Qualifying this, is a crucial step for effective strategic counsel and brand building.

    Functional Performance
    A diagnostic of the client organization may result in questions about search engine optimization, conversion versus bounce rates, multi variate testing, the lowering of "cost of acquisition". The intent here is to validate where opportunities reside that will ensure greater value to your client. The function of any online solution relies on stable engineering, analytics and performance measurement. 

    The path forward requires a map or framework that outlines a reliable program around guidelines of cost, delegated authority, level of expertise from within and amount of time required taking the product to market. 

    Empathy and authenticity goes to the core of successful introductions and long term relations. Understanding the organization's voice as a construct of brand, combined with diagnosis of existing technology and related platforms, finally, bringing leadership through effective management will support long term client relations. 

    Next in the series... Voice

    Sunday, December 5, 2010

    Design and Filmmaking Teams

    Starting out in early December with two teams underway working toward client design objectives. 
    Two gordongroup teams have been underway all weekend carefully managing and navigating through critical paths for the days ahead.

    Residential Design & Brand

    One team includes our Creative Director and Senior Design lead. We’re engaged on real estate condominium brand and marketing. The second team with Senior Producer / Project Management support is embarking on a documentary filmmaking tour, celebrating the leadership among the James Bay Northern Quebec Crees.

    Branding property development has been a tradition among our team for a number of years. We love having conversations with the Architect, Marketing Executives, Asset Managers, Owners of developments as well as other stakeholders who give us their perspective in order to define the essence of what makes properties outstanding within their unique community. Conversations about how the envisioned development can utilize design and timeless brand to create aspirational response from future residents who will call the location home. 

    Clients who understand the value of design and how world-class design leverages their investments partner with our team. The collaborative effort is actually momentous to witness as conceptual notions and design thinking transforms into market outreach toward stabilizing the property. We witness the property come out of the ground as the team effort drives a surge in sales or eventual leaseholds ensuring the covenant is met. The result is a change in the city scape with new dwellings adding to the community.

    We're currently engaged with a visionary developer here in Ottawa and the leading Real Estate marketing enterprise nation wide. The launch takes place later in the week, at what promises to be the first of many great Q West events to come.

    Our proprietary approach to developing identities by extension crafting stories and delivering marketing tools is sharpened from experience naming and branding real estate nationally. Another partner Bentall Investment Management of Vancouver engaged gordongroup during 2005/07. We developed identities and online brand solutions that contribute toward making their portfolio of homes in Canada unique.

    "The denser we make our cities the more we can sustain ecosystems", 
    Bruce Mau, Phaidon 2004

    Preservation and Filmmaking History

    Our second team comprised of Film Director and Crew depart this week to record stories and personalities on locations in James Bay Northern Quebec. We're filming individual’s who were trailblazers and exerted great influence during the 1970 and 80s. period. The Crees at that time built a foundation for growth for future generations. We’re preserving their memories for the future and for people interested in Canadian Northern Culture. The intent is to deliver empowering, educational and leading perspectives from interviews from people who witnessed  the transformation and impact of development in their lands. Unlike anything experienced in Canada’s north, perhaps unlike anything internationally the Crees asserted their Rights four decades ago and ensured governments upheld commitments. As a result today the Crees have extraordinary rein and leadership. They have protected their traditional way of life which is  largely unknown to most Canadians. The James Bay Crees are using innovation and digital recording to ensure their history is preserved and depicted authentically.

    "Each of the four wind persons resides at one of the four points of the compass, and each has specific personal characteristics related to particular seasons, weather and animal patterns, hunting conditions, and success".
    Harvey Feit, McCelland & Stewart 1995

    Friday, November 26, 2010

    Design Ideology Wurman Style

    I was without work and had a sequence of bad experiences under employment. One of my aspirations at the time (Nov. 1987) was to join in business with others who would effectively collaborate with me building something great. Howard Whittaker joined the organization in those early days of 89. 

    We focussed primarily on design solutions then and to our benefit gordon creative group as it was called quickly started getting business and became a going concern. As the company evolved we discovered clients required another essential ingredient creative writing. Around 1995 we signed up an educator with expertise in plain language wordsmithing to offer our clients writing. We combined writing and design expertise and ended up delivering more turnkey or one stop shopping. 

    Our vision for the company was to help clients develop product for their target audiences that offered meaningful, easy to understand solutions. We achieved this objective by combining outstanding design with clear writing. This, today is still an underlying axiom of gordongroup we see it manifest in all our enterprise web solutions, publications, video and other media we produce. 

    This notion of making the complex clear was, for me somewhat of a prophetic moment when I discovered the book by Richard Saul Wurman titled Information Anxiety. Wurman's(coined the phrase "information architect") approach to design is instructive. He carefully dissects how to organize and manage vast quantities of information. He structures content both written and visual into finite systems. 

    Information overload in popular culture, is an issue today which contributes to lack of understanding and as Wurman puts it anxiety. As a young company we delivered on this philosphy. To this day clients value how we differentiate their unique message. I believe this concept of making information accessible, easy to understand has been key to gordongroups lasting success. We have applied this principle constantly over the years. 

    A simple concept but a concept that people get and appreciate, especially if their dealing with complicated disparate communication objectives. 

    We attracted web interface designers and software engineers in the latter part of the 1990's and carefully grew this aspect of our business to the stage we're at today. We're quite proud of the fact that our web sites specifically sites for DND, CBC, BENTALL and others use the principle of ACCESS as a basis for communicating to target audiences. 

    The architecture, writing, design and interactive nature of these sites make complicated concepts easy to understand and meaningful for the reader. You will see this idea of "pathways to meaning" evident in much of gordongroup's product.

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    Thinking about logos?

    a.Do you think it would be more harmful to our brand to completely change the logo, or alternatively,
     to modify the existing logo? 

    b. Also, given that more of our marketing and communications will be internet based,                   how does that impact the logo design? 

    The “logo” from the point of view of the organizations brand is one component and an extension of your core identity. Development of identity frameworks is often how we initiate brand activities on behalf of our client partnerships. This is not a mission, vision, values statement which are ubiquitous and common practice within organization administration. The identity framework is usually defined with emphasis first on what the essence of the organization is or the organizational promise. Beyond the essence, core constructs need to be defined, they add timeless and meaningful emphasis to the framework. Constructs can be generally up to four words such as rugged, fun, underdog or luxury. They define the heart of the identity framework and resonate as the brand equity builds. The identity framework is given additional meaning outside of the essence and core elements with the design of logos, symbols, word marks or other visual language. These visual elements contribute to defining the identity, they anchor the core constructs and set criteria for design standards. Standards ideally rich in meaning and full of definition. Visual elements in the form of logos, support the organizations effort to build the brand. Other identity elements may be included for example the introduction of unique personalities, (Branson, Ghandi, CEO)  geographic locations or representational icons. A long list of likely attributes can be introduced to augment the essence, core and extended parts of the identity framework, these important features bring meaning and clarification within the framework. Often attributes trigger primal response in favor of the identity. (Bike path, coffee shops etc. relating to real estate). 

    The identity framework often includes tag lines.  All of these carefully designed and thought out elements provide the organization ingredients foundational to brand building.

    a) If among the executive the current logo is emblematic of the organizations brand today then changing the logo may not be the best course of action. On the other hand if the organization has not developed a proper identity framework that clearly defines the essence and core constructs we believe this strategic activity should take place in support of defining a program that lays the foundation for proper brand building. Once the identity framework is defined it may be evident a more suitable visual treatment is aligned with the organizations brand.

    b) The visual identity should be designed with the intent for ease of reproduction across all online platforms and media. Online platforms provide opportunity to animate visuals, and create three-dimensional graphic treatments. Organizations who create timeless visual solutions apply traditional techniques that rely on expertise in typography and sensitivity to the proper use of representational shapes, proportion and spacing. This combined with careful balance of positive negative space. The logo is emblematic of the organizations personality therefore the designer should render the logo with this in mind and effectively produce something that is compelling and meaningful visually for both the organizations internal and external audiences. 

    Paul Rand is great reference for those who want to explore the fascinating world of visual language from a legend in design. 

    Get the book  A Designer's Art

    Saturday, October 23, 2010

    The Quest for Great Storytelling

    david & goliath

    As the story goes, the story may enhance your brand or unfortunately contribute to a rather lackluster image. The story is an essential component in the eyes of those who you depend on for ensuring stability and growth. Brand after all is about managing the visual and messaging constructs of the organization.

    gordongroup is engaged in re-brand opportunities as well as developing identity frameworks and brand building tools for new initiatives. In each scenario we’ve found the opportunities to evolve brands through collaboration with our clients and their stakeholders engaging and beneficial experiences.

    Storytelling is an essential element in the process. Understanding some basic principles of storytelling will contribute to more effective brand building.

    Creating within our client’s brand story archetypes is a reliable approach to longevity and timeless identity solutions. Often story archetypes exist but remain undiscovered simply because those within the organization are close to the operations they haven’t uncovered the essence of what they are doing that will contribute to success.  Uncovering these elements of brand success is an important aspect of ensuring impact in marketing and outreach. Defining the elements in the form of meaningful stories will not only enhance the brand's market strength but also it will sustain the organization's brand over time. Timeless brands rely on brilliant storytelling.

    A key element within storytelling is the notion of “archetypes”. Access remains an archetype that resonates for me because design and effective brand drive understanding for those audiences who you want to influence, educate or deliver meaning toward. This great metaphor, access is a story archetype. Aptly coined by information guru Richard Saul Wurman. He used the principles of building architecture, specifically how people experience architecture. This analysis compared to how people find meaning and knowledge applied to design and information.

    But other archetypes exist that can be used among your organizations brand building teams. Techniques that provide assurance the identity will stand out in the market.

    A great book that I’ve discovered and referred to on earlier posts, contributes to timeless results is “The Elements of Persuasion”  The authors use storytelling and archetypes as the basis for successful  outcomes.

    Archetypes include passion, hero, conflict, transformation and awareness. Obvious storytelling constructs that everyone can immediately recognize. These classic storytelling devices of course are evident and universal, they’re certainly timeless and applied to all age groups and cultures.

    Uncovering the organization's unique story archetype is foundational and core to brand leadership. The process of developing the brand’s story absolutely relies on original thinking among those concerned.

    Discover the archetypes that define your unique identity. 

    Friday, October 8, 2010

    Among the Dunes in Prince Edward County


    Here among the dunes on an extended long weekend after a journey north over the last couple of weeks and a very exciting and engaged roller coaster 22nd year of business operations. In light of the fact so much has happened over the last twelve months it seems apt I use the occasion to try and do a little freeze frame of what has been a memorable and dynamic series of experiences leading to now. 

    A remarkable assignment described as " a project of a lifetime" has been foundational to what has made the year great. I'm thankful to many people starting with my clients for extending to me the trust to take this project on. That project is "The Eeyouch of Eeyou Istchee".

    This year the doc. film series opened up a modality different, yet in many ways closely related to the kinds of activities and roles we've played since our inception. After all documentary is storytelling. Brand development is storytelling, annual report and publication design is storytelling as is providing rational for symbol design or creation of prototypes. 

    Access remains a core ideology of what we do and strong persuasive stories make the notion of access core to understanding and meaning. 

    Core to all of this has been the rich relationships that are formed underway delivering the solutions. The relations start with those who contribute daily at our organization. The people around me including directors, project managers, designers, writers, accountants and many others who make a difference with their unique sense of professionalism, dedication and resolve to extend their capabilities to clients.  

    Stand out year themes include: 

    1.Growing the multi discipline business model specifically film, direct marketing, and digital media. 
    2.Relations with clients and staff have proven great. They have extended to me unique and privileged experiences. 
    3.Taking stock that the idea to pursue running a company at the age of 27, in turn aligning with a business partner in the early days of growth. That idea at that time with all the downside pressures of start up transformed now into a dynamic enterprise meeting the requirements of organizations who come to know and trust our team. 

    Our ideology about making information clear and accessible, combined with engaging top flight professionals to put these ideas into practice remains constant. 

    While we've grown the business this year we continue to drive forward by adapting to our clients requirements through innovation and embracing new media solutions and methods. 

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    Friday, October 1, 2010

    A great man and hero

    Being in the north in the community of Waskaganish brings back many memories. The Cree Community is at the southern end of James Bay where the mouth of the Rupert River flows. I recall a time back in the mid 90’s when we were asked to produce a series of Stay in School Posters for the Cree School Board. The posters were published and remain on view to this day within schools and Cree offices. My long time photographer colleague, Fred Cattroll joined me in James Bay Quebec within the Cree Communities. The School Boards intent producing the design remains to this day one method to encourage youth about the importance of education. We were granted introductions to many elders and Cree Leaders.

    They became participants and took part in the project. We needed a location in Waskaganish to photograph children and elders together. An arrangement was granted to locate a set in Billy Diamond’s mother's home in her living room. Fred was able to set up backdrops and find props for those who volunteered. Billy’s mother was photographed with others in the immediate and extended family.

    This poster series attracted the attention of many people including a client who after seeing the creative direction and photography sought us to do more work on behalf of Canada’s Aboriginal People for the Federal Government. Later in the nineties Industry Canada engaged us to travel across Canada to photograph business leaders operating successful enterprises. This mandate brought us back to Waskaganish to photograph two Cree legends Albert and Billy Diamond.

    Albert and Billy owners of carrier Air Creebec were together at that time in Waskaganish, they granted us permission to have their picture taken in front of their aircraft on the Tarmac. Both Diamond men arrived as I recall on a very cold afternoon with windswept snow streaming over the black runway. A turboprop aircraft was moved into position as part of our set and once that was placed, Fred went to work to enshrine the leaders in visual and written testimony nationally.

    Today I’m here in Waskaganish on another mandate for the Grand Council of The Crees. We came here to interview Billy for a series of documentary films that chronicle the remarkable achievements he and others fulfilled on behalf of the Cree nation. An exemplar for people everywhere Billy was engaged and willing to share his memories and thoughts.

    We came to know Billy over the course of the last two years. He was an avid supporter of sharing, preserving history and capturing memories from his remarkable forty year leadership

    A great man and hero, he passed away on Thursday.

    My heartfelt sympathies and condolences go out to the Diamond family. 

    Monday, September 27, 2010

    Preservation and Documentary Film Travels

    The James Bay Northern Quebec Crees have invited us back to their magnificent Northern land. 
    The intent is to continue our collaborative efforts recording in digital high definition video, history specifically from the 1980's period. While on the road I hope to capture some activities and images here in my blog over the next two weeks as a record of the trip sharing the experience with some of the loyal readers who have logged on over the last few months.  I'm very impressed that people from distant places like Peru and Malaysia have checked in here and have even come back on more then one occasion. I welcome any perspective you may wish to offer. I would enjoy dialogue and insight from others who wish to send their perspective and thoughts on aboriginal culture. 

    Stay tuned for highlights from James Bay!  

    Friday, September 17, 2010

    Two "Touch Points"

    Looking around on a day-to-day basis you can take stock of all the brand touch-points you experience. A little analysis of the different sensory situations helps to flex your creative muscle and contributes to understanding how our lives are impacted with others. Hopefully your experiences are more of the upside ilk then the downside.

    Situations in life can be insightful and more then just encounters.  These “2 touch-points” enriched my world and contributed toward positive experience by virtue of my daily routine.

    The dentist today, performed an operation that by usual standards was more invasive. I came through it with the realization that my imagination pre operation made the expected experience far worse then what occurred in reality. The dentist experience ended up being fairly routine. 
    This combined with an extraordinary hour-long lesson on Scottish history. The dentist used the hour to explain to me Eurocentric evolution through the ages in chronological story-telling. The dentist defined Scottish cultural attributes. He shared many hero’s names, dates, battles and period milestones accounted in extraordinary oral clarity. He even included one book referral.
    Dentists have a great advantage because the client’s vocal ability is impaired for most of the procedure. Of course you can’t talk during the engagement. One brief pause took place where the tools were withdrawn from my mouth. During that heartbeat moment I was able to comment  “value add”.
    Of course my Scottish roots* made this dentistry story-telling very relevant. I was fortunate the dentist picked the Scot's as a case study. The dentist used a well known brand strategy. He impressed me with an attribute I will refer to as the  “dentist brand extension” using education as a means to calm the nerves of his client.

    *The name Gordon is territorial and the family who took the name are believed to have been of Anglo-Norman descent, moving from the Borders to Aberdeenshire. The wild boar’s head appears on the Gordon arms because, legend says, the first Gordon saved a Scottish king from an attacking boar.

    Retail Kiosk Sales 
    Walking out of the mall* after a routine trip to “Sources” for computer cables.
    By the way Computer cables should be like wall jacks plugs. The two-prong/three prong variation has always been a reliable and sure bet for streaming power to electrical appliances. Today of course one lives in fear and trauma that the “plug” carted away from the retailer will not properly lodge within its intended receptacle.
    After much debate and counsel from the wizards within the shop I acquired the chord and was walking back to my car from that retailer. As I was heading to the lower floor level of the mall a young lady caught my eye and signaled for me to go to her Soap/salt kiosk. I looked behind my shoulder to confirm she in fact was signaling me. I realized after that split second that in fact it was me that was being called forward. I admit the young clerk was attractive and I was caught off guard by her suggestion to be approached.
    Rather then heading toward my car I ended up at her booth.
    This encounter from a brand touch point experience is a classic case study in retail sales cycles and value chain dynamics to closing an order.
    Neta learned my name and offered me hers in turn closed the sale with clinical precision. Some time ago on another occasion and place, I was with my son, Harrison in Manchester England at a mall where the exact same “sales theatre” unfolded. While with my boy I did not succumb to buying the salt. Even with that prior knowledge I was lead to buy here in Quebec form Neta.
    Neta was able to transcend any resistance using three key tactics which were uniquely integrated into the experience.

    1. Dynamic body signals,
    2. Sample give away
    3. Sensory experience specifically touch (“Dead Sea” salt hand washing)

    The bill was totaled in excess of $100.00. I was thinking during the entire encounter that as a sales genius and expert on persuasion tactics I would handily extract myself from any form of sales framework. This meant no money would trade hands. I did purchase an amount of product for less then the balance that was originally wrung up. Many freebies were put back on the shelf and I was accused of being cheap. The mall offers lessons in brand, core constructs and a myriad of experiences that can be attributed or profiled regarding how individuals or organizations position their unique offering.
    This example I felt was instructive as I went to the mall for a utility cable and ended up with a manicure and soap.                                                                                                                 

    *The urban shopping mall in many ways is western societies international neutral zone. The mall experience is where global branded organizations come together and extend to consumers an environment which is predictable, reliable and for the most part free of political influence. The mall platform celebrates universally the consumer’s willingness to trade for goods. This occurs around the world. I reflect on my time spent in Dubai and how their malls were remarkably similar to the mall down the street. By association the mall became a welcome retreat in a distant land. 

    Sunday, September 5, 2010

    “Cultivating communities of practice”

    gordongroup certainly is an example of such a community. Clients become part of a larger community once they've engaged with us. Typically they become accustomed to our proactive response that we provide to delivery of design solutions, creative writing, technology for online platforms, media development and outreach. All of these skills performed by people who demonstrate pride, empathy and years of practical experience extending their capability.

    As we evolve along the technology path and witness the emergent online sphere, some things stay constant while new developments are evident quarterly.  Operating in the media space on major documentary production has extended the notion of multi disciplinary capability to our clients in a formidable way.

    Where media was and where it is today specifically the broadcast format has changed for good. All these changes are storming ahead. This has organizations asking questions about how to prioritize their brand building and market outreach.

    The transition to broadcast media online puts new tools in the hands of organizations that otherwise couldn’t be conceived just a few years back. In retrospect, our experience dealing in organizational brand building over the last two decades has been steeped with practice in each unique transition along the curve of growth from telephone and print to international skype calls and full-length documentary production.

    The Internet of course has made this all possible.

    Design and related extensions including managing knowledge, innovation, prototyping, creative thinking and right brain analysis today is at the forefront of leadership. The designer's role is integral to all these competencies.

    The movie “Helvetica” ends with a high priest from the design world commenting on how the web has democratized communications and the brand business so anyone with an interest today can essentially create highly personalized and differentiated outreach tools to promote their cause.

    “Design Thinking “ underscores a new approach to competitive advantage for organizations. While change continues to march ahead Design Thinking today is embraced by leading companies in the market.  Design Thinking is one bet an organization can place with confidence knowing it will drive momentum forward and cultivate communities of practice.

    Sunday, August 22, 2010

    Elements of Storytelling

    Storytelling is often a core differentiator apparent in the places we enter, experience and explore. This is evident from my recent trip to Montreal where I was among friends who shared with me opportunity to visit two distinct places within their great city. The shared sensory experience between the places I visited were unique. Both experiences introduced clearly defined stories. The enterprise level global management conference that utilized the latest in multi disciplinary media forms with a core offering in the form of a book fair. That experience and related thematic stories compared to a facility for people who travel vast distances south from Northern Canada to Montreal for medical care. Their stories painted on concrete barriers. The primal elements either textual or visual of stories bring meaning and reference relevant to people from all backgrounds. This is the subject of the post. 

    Back in Montreal a week or so ago I was at the Academy of Management conference with my Doctoral supervisor. The conference had all the top academic publishers displaying books at the event.

    We spent some time strolling among leading publishing house’s checking out the latest editions and catalogues. Some items made it into my AOM branded tote bag. The book fair was a lesson on the emergent trends popular within business culture today.

    Corporate Social Responsibility echoed throughout the conference the movement is a central story and theme today. Design thinking is also a dominant topic of conversation and text. Much theory was being offered about the Internet and the online universe. An extensive selection of texts from academia about management theory and practical reference guides were available in abundance for the delegates to choose from.

    Corporate Social Responsibility uses similar themes to our Amerindian cultures including constructs such as conservation, spirituality, sharing, preservation and other beliefs and traditions. Spirituality is now a management process that is being promoted among top thinkers. This is evidence the corporate world is moving toward more balanced systems and interested in making a positive sustainable difference around the individual organization's sphere of influence.

    Inuit paintings shot with iphone

    The weekend also included time spent at Nunavik House. This place provides lodging for Quebec’s Inuit people who travel to the south for medical care. They arrive in Montreal from a remarkable place known as the Ungava Peninsula. Their home is located at the far reaches of Northern Quebec close to the Artic. The period map below depicts the geographic region under former Labrador boundaries.

    My experience at Nunavik House included a brief lesson in pronunciation with proper emphasis and accent from an Inuk women. She darted away abruptly after saying the community names in her unique language. She pronounced her people's community names  along the northern coast. 

    I was also offered on loan a book about the people of Nunavik. The book provides northern perspective of earlier times authored by Dorothy Mesher's, Kuujjuaq.

    Map illustrating the Ungava Penninsula before Quebec assumed the territories

    The tour included walking about Nunavik House’s outdoor patio area. I was struck by the magnificent artwork that was painted along the concrete walls. The paintings transformed the space into a vibrant art gallery.These images and illustrated representations are fully exposed to the outdoor weather yet they retain a remarkable bright illuminated cast of colours; full of meaning. This backdrop in a setting where the inhabitants are impacted by modernization and cultural transformation within their society. Care facilities exhibit first hand the difficult aspects of life. The individuals within these places who provide for and intervene for people in need are exemplars of what's good about humanity.

    The contrast between the two places I experienced made the time in Montreal a memorable occasion. Elements of storytelling were evident and core to both places I visited.  The experience among top management theorists leveraging the beliefs and practices of ancient civilizations. The patients of Nunavik house rendering visual images within their temporary living quarters. These works produced perhaps for others who may find meaning and understanding in the icons and shapes and stories rendered along the concrete wall.

    Elements of storytelling in both surroundings were integrated to enhance the inhabitant’s experience. People use stories to help "package" environments and extend meaning and context. Stories bound in book form among the management crowd. Murals painted on concrete surfaces meaningful to the people who benefit from learning and understanding the artists themes.