Sunday, February 22, 2015

Implementation follows Strategy

No two clients are alike yet all clients expect their customer journey to bring value to their organization. Upon start up of new mandates there exists a form of initiation, an introduction of sorts to those who are championing the project from the client organization. That may be the CEO or a brand manager or someone else, whose job it is to implement solutions that deliver meaningful results. Moreover, those who have come together at the initiation stage of the client journey recognize an opportunity has opened up to deliver to their market or stakeholders or internal audiences campaigns that will deliver winning outcomes.  

     Strategy in management is akin to providing a clear map for successful client relations. Project management, creative direction among other skills that may include a roster of specialized capabilities set the flow in action. How the teams align is a huge factor toward the delivery of successful outcomes. This link in the client journey requires careful control to ensure the time together builds confidence among all participants. Management sets the stage for campaigns and successful returns for clients. The notion of having an optimized team at the heart of the organization's efforts to deliver winning brand solutions is an obvious strategy.
     Strategy also goes to the heart of all the thinking and ideation around the campaign itself, investment in winning campaigns require careful evaluation of the organization's offering. This phase of the client journey relies entirely on what was described above combined with razor sharp analysis of the organization's unique market position. The discovery phase is a baseline priority for effective brand identity development, an essential strategic analysis that is conducted between client and agency. We’ve found that incidentally, clients see an upside to strategic planning as part of the project mandate. This has included a top view of the management practices from an outside perspective. We’ve uncovered essential narratives and points of view on behalf of clients that typically have been foreign or outside the current parlance of the organization's narratives. Good ideas distinctly emblematic of the client benefits offered. We’ve also been in the privileged position to build connections among our clients stakeholders who willingly extend their influence to build upon, expand and validate through their insight and support for the campaign. Offering strategic counsel augmenting the client views while keeping the experience for the client on the proper path.

Strategy is where the client journey begins. Use the expertise and strength among the team to build momentum for the implementation of winning campaigns.