Saturday, November 23, 2013

Taking Publication Design to the global marketplace in collaboration with clients

Working in close collaboration with the leadership at the Canadian Council on Africa, including their stakeholders we're now coming to launch day with Canada's leading trade magazine building networks and relations among African and Canadian corporations and governments. 

The magazine celebrates trade between nations.  This media utilized gordongroups contract publishing model. 

Here's my attempt describing gordongroup's process as a primer for those interested in some specifics about how clients today leverage the value chain we offer in support of their publishing, by extension brand building activities. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Together We Stand Firm

Hello Robert;

I viewed your expansively meaningful documentary film, "Together We Stand." Its a brilliant movie and a major document of record on an extremely important chapter in Canadian history. I especially enjoyed the treatment of language, subtitles and such. Congratulations to you and your crew and to those whose testimony provides the core content of this classic depiction of Canada's growth on the middle ground of Crown-Aboriginal compromise through the elaboration of treaty relations.

In the journey ahead, I believe Canada needs a film describing the whole narrative of Canadian development through Crown-Aboriginal treaties of alliance. To the best of my knowledge, my article in the Canadian Enclyclopedia on "Aboriginal Treaties" is the main try to date to lay out the bare outlines of the larger story. This mega-narrative of treaty-making was one of the main conceptions before me in trying to internationalize the idea of Aboriginal and treaty rights through my authoring of "The Bowl With One Soon" series.

Thanks for your tremendous contribution by bringing to the forefront a very inspiring episode in Canadian nation building.

Yours Sincerely,

Anthony J. Hall
Professor of Globalization Studies
University of Lethbridge