Saturday, September 3, 2011

Design Thinking in Developing Countries

As practitioners within the design service business we’re fortunate since we gain so much through the introductions to people from diverse backgrounds, places and areas of expertise.

The Design Thinking narrative offers practical methodology and systems in support of management practices. Design Thinking is an inclusive process that will contribute to overcoming roadblocks and bring people together as a collective to achieve better performance or results. Over the years we’ve been witness on occasions to new businesses being established through utilizing the logic and steps prescribed in Design Thinking management. Clients engagements have resulted in solutions evolved from Design Thinking techniques, solutions that have gained positive measurable returns.

Affiliation with UGSM Monarch Business School has included introductions among a wider reach internationally, meeting people and learning from their shared perspective.

Much is available on this subject area today with a larger movement forming both among academia and corporate management.

The reference linked above is a very practical tool book that I discovered from the organization IDEO. The methodology offers thought and practical guidelines on design thinking.

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