Sunday, October 23, 2011

Renewal of Client Engagements is Vital to Business Success

An important aspect of new business year after year is the parallel responsibility of effective customer care, while bringing together all the key skills in support of design of the product and brand building. Both aspects of client engagement have equal importance and become core to delivering the highest standard of performance.

Using design-thinking terminology, one can look at extreme users to define the client profile. Extreme users are two opposite ends of a profile or cross section of a community with a median. From the point of view of twenty-five years in business, gordongroup has had the benefit of working with many clients across the spectrum. Our experience extends to Federal Departments, Small and Medium sized businesses, Non Governmental Organizations, Private sector Enterprise, Universities, Developers, Embassies and Mom and Pop organizations; a few examples demonstrate the nature of our client groups.

As a multi-disciplinary company, we place core focus on customer care. Our project management includes customer relations and responsive frontline support. Moreover, clients have full access to specific expertise at any time during the project term. In many cases our Creative Director, Digital Director and Writing Leads including Direct-marketing representatives are full participants and perform an integral role at the table, in the interest of getting the best possible outcomes on behalf of our clients.

An important fact about the practical business of producing stellar brand solutions is the support offered under our customer care management. 

Customer care must take into account the diverse organizational nature and management structure of different client groups.  The client has an obligation to be transparent with both their internal and external organization membership, an extension of these groups includes partner stakeholders who may perform a central role influencing the client organizations success. Stakeholders may include governance bodies, trade organizations, volunteers and many others who are willing to make contributions supporting the client outreach and brand building. Customer care managed properly ensures brand building is streamlined and inclusive.

Larger administrations rely on gordongroup to put bridges in place to ensure all participants, to the degree possible take part and contribute toward the client project mandate. Collaboration brings greater opportunity, with ideas or innovation that will maximize results.

Bringing people together, moving beyond “buy in” and ensuring meaningful contribution is a core role gordongroup performs. Research proves that a collective approach or working together among disparate teams or across organization locations, disciplines or hierarchies leads to the best possible outcomes. 

High Performance Team: This is a group that meets all the conditions of real teams, and has members who are also deeply committed to each other's personal growth and success. That commitment usually transcends the team. The high performance team significantly outperforms all other like teams, and outperforms all reasonable expectations given its membership.
(Jon R. Katzenbach, 1992)

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
Henry Ford (American industrialist, 1863-1947)