Saturday, September 1, 2007

You Belong in the Era of Design!

Organizing around design objectives is a noble pursuit. The positive impact on the client's customer and the clients organization as a whole typically cements lasting relations that harmonize and get richer over time. This is a fact. Design is a proven strategy for those looking to get results out of their investment dollars. One approach to opening up opportunities is to evaluate what is out there today on the landscape that has evolved into commodity. My view is that intelligent markets and mainstream popular audiences deem commodity as negative this is fairly obvious yet so much of the media we witness is really weak cookie cutter. What is truly amazing with such great talent available to organizations looking to establish a competitive advantage how little investment is made toward engaging bright people. People who will drive opportunities faster (shorten the sales curve) with more sustainable bottom line results. True finding talent is not easy and not always affordable. Our design profession is in many ways under the radar. Business who have discovered the power of design get it and understand the benefits. Design has to be integral to the business strategy and plan. It must integrate as a sustained investment. Its clear looking around some organizations are not prepared to meet the design objective today. They may lack the understanding or they may be short on design/brand management. Our successful work in the the national Real Estate sector provides impressive returns for our clients. Brand is pervasive today in modern culture. Design is a primary ingredient among other essential parts of business strategy it drives what makes the product, person, building, service burst out of the clutter. Careful execution will not only sell the product, service but will begin to establish the basis for community building. The goal then is to get to the essence of what the product/service is and not to settle for commodity solutions.

Differentiate with design. Good design is good business.

Opportunity exists for the organization who takes a first entry approach to laying down design standards on service and product offerings. Virtually everything today is being uploaded to the internet. The new media dictates a playing field shift for organizations that otherwise rely on traditional procedures or touch points to get results and market to their constituents, customers and market audiences. Contextually you now face an investment in online products if you want to remain relevant. You do not want to become lost in the evolution. Metaphorically this could be akin to extinction today as the great vacuum of online media busts all traditional media offerings and spreads and entangles most of the functions associated with the market landscape. To the extent the assimilation online has rolled forward in the last decade it is not to late to join the movement and put design as a top line priority within your online strategies. The point here is most organizations have initiated the process to go online. Investment in design will offer greater results in terms of success online. Brilliant design is the new baseline in our MTV world. Start with an identity framework, engage a brilliant writer, invite the engineer and judge the possibilities with dilgence testing in your market. Don't go forward without a designer who has proven results.

Design the new baseline for competitive advantage. A couple of organizations I encountered while in Paris this summer.

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