Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Brand Building

Trying to think of a useful piece of info to share when so much is flying around is always a challenge. From the point of view of design new opportunities unfold weekly and I'm always amazed that under the umbrella of brand and design so many different types of assignments come our way.

One assignment that is presently underway required the utilization of our "brand leadership model". As a designer turned marketer, turned business owner turned representative to the team. I've realized that brand for organizations is the natural extension of the designers tool box. Design is the great differentiator and will always serve organizations effectively in terms of competitive advantage. If you bring your brilliant design skills together with a core understanding of brand strategies you will certainly strengthen what you have to offer your prospects and clients. You will have stronger skill sets and a distinct advantage that will drive more opportunities to your door.

The aspect that most designers know but may not have framed for themselves is the notion of "Brand Building" . Designers contribute to this core function within the brand spectrum and to their credit assert a very powerful level of expertise.

This extraordinary expertise is a proven means to leverage investment and grow the client's organizational profits! (shouting)

The visual assets the designer develops and imparts to clients and in turn their audiences form an arsenal of tools that channel emotions and meaning. This skill is in great demand today in a visual literate world. Sound bites, MTV and You tube dominate. These are but a few examples of the new era we've entered and they are the new paradigms of communication today. We have certainly engaged in a time when the visual is king.

Design and brand building go hand in hand. The designers portfolio is an archive of products and visual assets that probably contributed to brand building in one form or another. The designer that understands brand management, brand architecture and identity framework systems combined with brand building will begin to assert brand leadership solutions on behalf of their clients.

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