Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Friends and Photographers

Fred Cattroll’s craft is recording great images of great people His collection of First Peoples images rivals the Smithsonian. Much of his professional focus has been recording Canada’s Aboriginal culture. We’ve had the good fortune working with extremely talented people these relations have opened the door to great adventure and experiences. Fred’s collection of work can be viewed at his online interface.

great photographers great photographers great photographers great photographers great photographers

Ian Diamond

The last year took on new meaning when the leadership of the Cree Nation mandated our organization to record in Documentary Film the History of the James Bay Northern Quebec Cree from the year 1975. We brought together a group of professionals. Ian Diamond was first introduced to me through contacts that knew of his brilliant work and professional photographic abilities.

Dealing in visuals is about striving for the highest possible production values and sourcing content that has timeless quality with strong composition and brilliant lighting. We insist on ensuring the level of work along the value chain phase toward executing designed products for clients is kept at optimum levels.

Ian’s photography easily meets this criteria His signature is a rich collection of northern images diverse and magical. Ian is partnering with us to bring the documentary to the screen. Through his guidance and counsel we’ve been taken to locations as guests that otherwise wouldn’t be accessible. He has offered insight and helped us to gain a better appreciation of the unique attributes of the northern territories and the people living in the James Bay region. Ian has accomplished this through stories and great photographic images. Click on the images to see more.

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