Friday, March 19, 2010

Doing Art

I'm fortunate to be among my colleagues at the office 

Interior view Reception floor of gordongroup

We use a 52-inch flat screen with Internet feed to review current assignments.  
The design/web people were reviewing work and highlighting different aspects of bringing the products to completion. The presentation included products for about ten different clients. 
These forums take place weekly. The work included Federal Government video, Real Estate Developer brand and cultural work for our Aboriginal clients and a variety of other solutions. Two things struck me about the presentation. Each individual product has its own personality or unique design. The other aspect of the forum that stood out was the cool calm and fun-spirited discourse emanating from the participants in response to the product being cast.

We engage a management style that relies on the philosophy of self-supervision with organization/client control; these two vectors establish a balanced platform that allows latitude for people who bring experience and leadership and vision to the company daily. The team is fully engaged and focused leading the effort to fulfill the client’s aspirations for authentic product that effectively communicates their unique story. The product reflects the focus and tenacity of experts in different disciplines collaborating together integrating their skills into some form of brand building tool that is eventually released to market.
The idea of self supervision supports Seth Godin’s notion of “doing art”.  Art is a metaphor he used in his book Linchpin to empower readers to take charge of their work life and do what their inner voice is telling them to do (he says this is art) rather then remaining locked in an unrewarding career path. In the design field we’re offered the opportunity to produce art literally and also in many other functions we perform.  Our clients are refreshingly supportive and extend to us latitude to support them in joint partnerships. Exceptions happen and in the service industry the art is about managing many different outcomes recognizing that one cannot be idealistic. Managing risk in all aspects of the business internally and market facing from the onset has to be a priority from start to finish.

Seth Godin’s book “Linchpin” a refreshing and unique take on the world of work. 


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