Friday, November 26, 2010

Design Ideology Wurman Style

I was without work and had a sequence of bad experiences under employment. One of my aspirations at the time (Nov. 1987) was to join in business with others who would effectively collaborate with me building something great. Howard Whittaker joined the organization in those early days of 89. 

We focussed primarily on design solutions then and to our benefit gordon creative group as it was called quickly started getting business and became a going concern. As the company evolved we discovered clients required another essential ingredient creative writing. Around 1995 we signed up an educator with expertise in plain language wordsmithing to offer our clients writing. We combined writing and design expertise and ended up delivering more turnkey or one stop shopping. 

Our vision for the company was to help clients develop product for their target audiences that offered meaningful, easy to understand solutions. We achieved this objective by combining outstanding design with clear writing. This, today is still an underlying axiom of gordongroup we see it manifest in all our enterprise web solutions, publications, video and other media we produce. 

This notion of making the complex clear was, for me somewhat of a prophetic moment when I discovered the book by Richard Saul Wurman titled Information Anxiety. Wurman's(coined the phrase "information architect") approach to design is instructive. He carefully dissects how to organize and manage vast quantities of information. He structures content both written and visual into finite systems. 

Information overload in popular culture, is an issue today which contributes to lack of understanding and as Wurman puts it anxiety. As a young company we delivered on this philosphy. To this day clients value how we differentiate their unique message. I believe this concept of making information accessible, easy to understand has been key to gordongroups lasting success. We have applied this principle constantly over the years. 

A simple concept but a concept that people get and appreciate, especially if their dealing with complicated disparate communication objectives. 

We attracted web interface designers and software engineers in the latter part of the 1990's and carefully grew this aspect of our business to the stage we're at today. We're quite proud of the fact that our web sites specifically sites for DND, CBC, BENTALL and others use the principle of ACCESS as a basis for communicating to target audiences. 

The architecture, writing, design and interactive nature of these sites make complicated concepts easy to understand and meaningful for the reader. You will see this idea of "pathways to meaning" evident in much of gordongroup's product.

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