Sunday, December 5, 2010

Design and Filmmaking Teams

Starting out in early December with two teams underway working toward client design objectives. 
Two gordongroup teams have been underway all weekend carefully managing and navigating through critical paths for the days ahead.

Residential Design & Brand

One team includes our Creative Director and Senior Design lead. We’re engaged on real estate condominium brand and marketing. The second team with Senior Producer / Project Management support is embarking on a documentary filmmaking tour, celebrating the leadership among the James Bay Northern Quebec Crees.

Branding property development has been a tradition among our team for a number of years. We love having conversations with the Architect, Marketing Executives, Asset Managers, Owners of developments as well as other stakeholders who give us their perspective in order to define the essence of what makes properties outstanding within their unique community. Conversations about how the envisioned development can utilize design and timeless brand to create aspirational response from future residents who will call the location home. 

Clients who understand the value of design and how world-class design leverages their investments partner with our team. The collaborative effort is actually momentous to witness as conceptual notions and design thinking transforms into market outreach toward stabilizing the property. We witness the property come out of the ground as the team effort drives a surge in sales or eventual leaseholds ensuring the covenant is met. The result is a change in the city scape with new dwellings adding to the community.

We're currently engaged with a visionary developer here in Ottawa and the leading Real Estate marketing enterprise nation wide. The launch takes place later in the week, at what promises to be the first of many great Q West events to come.

Our proprietary approach to developing identities by extension crafting stories and delivering marketing tools is sharpened from experience naming and branding real estate nationally. Another partner Bentall Investment Management of Vancouver engaged gordongroup during 2005/07. We developed identities and online brand solutions that contribute toward making their portfolio of homes in Canada unique.

"The denser we make our cities the more we can sustain ecosystems", 
Bruce Mau, Phaidon 2004

Preservation and Filmmaking History

Our second team comprised of Film Director and Crew depart this week to record stories and personalities on locations in James Bay Northern Quebec. We're filming individual’s who were trailblazers and exerted great influence during the 1970 and 80s. period. The Crees at that time built a foundation for growth for future generations. We’re preserving their memories for the future and for people interested in Canadian Northern Culture. The intent is to deliver empowering, educational and leading perspectives from interviews from people who witnessed  the transformation and impact of development in their lands. Unlike anything experienced in Canada’s north, perhaps unlike anything internationally the Crees asserted their Rights four decades ago and ensured governments upheld commitments. As a result today the Crees have extraordinary rein and leadership. They have protected their traditional way of life which is  largely unknown to most Canadians. The James Bay Crees are using innovation and digital recording to ensure their history is preserved and depicted authentically.

"Each of the four wind persons resides at one of the four points of the compass, and each has specific personal characteristics related to particular seasons, weather and animal patterns, hunting conditions, and success".
Harvey Feit, McCelland & Stewart 1995

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