Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jeffrey & Donald

The flight to Zurich took about 10 hours once the Airbus lifted off the ground in Toronto. Zug is about 30 minutes outside of Zurich on the edge of a lake surrounded by mountains. The place is very picturesque and my first day has been quite special having flown over with Dr. Oxford York, then being greeted at the airport by Dr. Henderson with his associate Marcel from Monarch Business School of Management.

Marcel drove us across Switzerland to our destination in the remarkably manicured Zug. I will include a few images of the town.

The reason for being here is to take part with my student cohort and faculty in a workshop about preparing the doctoral thesis. I’ve been asked to give a presentation about my area of focus. This will include a video presentation along with a few slides that depict the engagement gordongroup has had underway documenting the James Bay Crees of Eeyou Istchee over the last four decades including all the individuals and stakeholders who have contributed to their Nations phenomenal growth within Canada.

Taking the path to higher education has returned many great experiences and Zug is just the latest opportunity that has unfolded along the pursuit.

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