Friday, April 25, 2014

A Primer for Winning Outcomes Building Your Brand

The link here takes you to a series of White Papers for download.

I hope that this information provides you a basic primer for building your Brand.

Clutter and poor management of organizational outreach and communications results in a flow through within organizations that have not grasped simple steps to achieving winning outcomes. The ease of production and distribution gained by technology is a great enabler but hastily deploying these modern day wonders may bring a downside to your hard earned reputation when no system exists for governance of your message. Moreover, distributing a story that is ineffective based on lack of design thinking, thinking that authentically frames something unique about your organizations value proposition or battle cry.

Counter measures against this scenario above to protect your corporate identity in support of robust and meaningful outcomes are critical to ensuring competitive advantage.

Investment in understanding brand is a core function today and falls to the
Brand Manager. Thoughts on this are shared here among other essential areas about brand leadership specific to winning outcomes.

What’s the essence of your brand?

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