Saturday, October 24, 2009

Times they are a changing

We're heading into winter and we've experienced more then season changes in the last few months. I've been delinquent posting for the last while. The company changed ownership in the summer with our great friend, ally and business partner Mary Dila leaving the triumvirate. She's off on a new path with family taking on new challenges and charting a new course. Partnerships for me have been highly collaborative successful business arrangements. We have now put in twenty two years offering services under the umbrella of marketing (brand) and communications. Partnering with others who extend their great skills, acumen and sensibilities to the program certainly for me has made a big difference in gordongroup's success and vitality. On that note my good friend Howard Whittaker has been with me from the start he has witnessed with me the many trials and tribulations over these years dealing in image and outreach. I believe he is someone who has a passion for the details and the inner workings of the organizations machinery. That highly valued skill is direct compliment to my no holds barred attitude to getting on with things. Earlier on another great influencer and friend Peter Moskos an educator and philosopher joined into the gordon partner compliment. Peter was a remarkable force building the companies reputation as a leader in the writing space. This link brought the essential "words" element to the offering. We've been selling pictures and words now for over two decades. Peter set the foundation for extending his vision out to our internal team and beyond to so many different clients who have come to rely on our experts for their wordsmith excellence. Mary joined the partnership about nine years ago she has been instrumental building the company with class and strategic insight. Partners are a good thing. Whatever happens in the days and weeks ahead my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for having Peter and Mary as partners, friends and great allies in business adventure will always remain strong.

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