Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Early this morning I found my way to the new Telfer School of Management building on University of Ottawa's Campus. gordongroup was invited to speak to students about brand, marketing and self promotion. This occasion allowed me to share some of my beliefs and ideas with others. gordongroup has had the good fortune to be partner to the University over the last few years. We started earlier on when we were engaged to do strategic work and launch a rebrand program to support raising the institutions profile. For people in the Ottawa region and beyond the phrase "Canada's University" is immediately recognizable. This apt tag line for a centre of learning excellence in the heart of the nations capital has contributed to building their brand in a meaningful way.

For the last two years we have acted as Agency of Record managing the Universities advertising outreach. Having the privilege to meet people who attend the University in support of their learning effort today was very rewarding for me. The format was arranged with approximately 2 hours of engaging conversation focussed on risk taking, differentiating, goal setting, defining our personal leadership attributes and other core ideas around getting ahead in life. These are shared themes among leaders. The emphasis may shift over time or we may look at these themes with different perspective but for those who strive to forge new ground and believe in making a difference these ideas certainly will support the pathway forward. Oh and one other important conversation point eliminate inhibition!

The profound, thoughtful questions raised demonstrated the passion and drive among the people I was introduced to. Being among people who extended to me a warm and intellectual reception was a privilege and honor. I'm thankful to everyone at gordongroup for the opportunity to represent them to various forums and outreach situations the combined effort of those who have contributed to the companies growth has made it what it is today. We look forward to continued good relations with...
..."Canada's University".

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