Saturday, April 10, 2010

Envisioning an apt word for defining the properties unique brand.

Design for clients that do investment in Real Estate or development has brought many different experiences.

These projects can be measured with concrete results since the brand approach we develop drives the sales. On pre build developments the brand is the difference often between selling off or having the property lag on the market for months or years on end.

We act closely with our clients on “envisioning” an apt word for defining the properties unique brand and developing the story that creates aspiration to buy in the mind of the prospect. Over the years we’ve developed turnkey brand solutions for property development and “assets” across Canada. Our Brand Leadership Model effectively sets criteria for getting at the essence of the brand and building a comprehensive framework that is compelling, empathetic, authentic and persuasive.

The most recent brand launch of a client’s magnificent development a short drive outside of the National Capital Region into Quebec is linked here. The development offers those who seek country lifestyle a wonderful opportunity to live in nature and be afforded rich amenities.  Amenities starting with waterfront in a pristine forested enclave.

Have a look at the approach. I’ve included the Logo/graphic above and an animated sequence to link that have initiated the brand building process…toward stabilizing the development. We believe the approach will capture the hearts and minds of affluent people that see themselves living in this environment.

Created in After effects exclusively with stills, scripted, narrated and creative directed. The video is 3 minutes and may take a moment to upload. This example is reflective of the broadcast environment online today and how "play" has transformed the designers role. 

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