Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Twitter a Brand Extension

Brand extensions come in many forms. Hoot suite is an online dashboard for people who embrace the emergent platform Twitter.  I’ve been coached by three uber-technologists who are associates of my organization. I’ve also engaged in a couple of functions with University Students who've lectured about leveraging online utilities.

My way into the Twitter universe has included the four steps of brand assimilation.

  1. Observation
  2. Touch point
  3. Coaching to assimilation
  4. Assimilate and share

From the point of view of brand touch point of course naming is central to creating personality. The name after all is a core element in building a following and creating equity. I had to overcome the name. 

I admit as well I had no following so the idea that I would initiate the brave new Twitter universe without anyone to receive outgoing tweets while Mashable, Kyle Braatz and the remarkably terse armano were leading armies of Twitter patriots. 

Touch point
Touch points happen when people become introduced to one another, products services, lodging, entertainment the touch point/experience is central to brand building or not. The laws of persuasion go into effect or fail. Twitter suddenly was ubiquitous when my good friend in England Matt Lipsey had us to his home in London the timing lined up for witnessing his debut television show airing in the summer 2008 overseas. The show he directed airs today and is known as Psychoville. My 13 year old son Harry was with me when we had the pleasure of celebrating this Television show in his living room while it was broadcast on Tele’s across the country. Subsequent to the show Twitter was on overdrive with audience members showing a collective upload praising the production in mass tweeting. The shows rating spiked to 2nd after some event in the middle east on the UK twitter roster. The cross media effect evident in this example where old media and new media now intertwine to communicate "brand" validates how social media is relevant and powerful as effective media for reach to market. This is good news for individuals and organizations who wish to extend their unique brand augmenting Twitter to achieve their marketing objectives.
That touch point was quite informative as was Matt’s very cool and level response to the overwhelming positive rating of his Directorship. Certainly the Psychoville debut event was a meaningful experience in the company of my son, my life time friend and his family.

Coaching to assimilation
Often brand buy in is enabled by a coach, educator or a great sales person or an expert.
We're privileged to have capable people in our midst. Among us we have people who bring great depth specifically in areas dealing in the design/brand, writing, technology space. People who have pulled me out of fires on many occasions and who have built the stable business we operate.
We’ve had to stay on top of online technologies in support of our client’s mandates ensuring they receive value. We’ve aligned with our clients and introduced unique solutions to meet their aspirations and build their brands. We have partnered with clients who are making considerable investment and raising their presence through reaching out to audiences and leveraging social media.  Twitter is one of many options.
I called in the experts.

Assimilate and Share
Three weeks back I had about 24 followers.
I was on the Hoot Suite dashboard that Andy Church instructed me on.
I came upon the following tweet.

RT @armano: If there is ONE article you should read over the weekend. It's THIS.

This quip demonstrates the functionality of twitter. I see the utility as a LINK distribution channel.
Essentially the field allows the user to write a headline. (if we think in publishing terms) The core content which in the Twitter universe is extensive, varied and rich is found through drilling down from the link. Twitter users are sharing information to drive interest to audiences and create followings. The link above led me to a useful post that defined one persons philosophy about the impacts and opportunities of a networked society. That information “share” crystallized value about Twitter and purpose. I realize the unique attributes Twitter offers today and see tremendous value for clients, stakeholders and others who have an interest in continual learning. The Twitter universe extends your brand to the global village. 

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