Saturday, May 8, 2010

Remaining cool when the pressure is hot

Misplaced asset, sudden notice and arrival of an "event" combined with course
correction on major engagement all within a 24 hour period monday morning. Thatʼs the way the week begins. These types of circumstances test management ability, patience and leadership.

These hot issues may set the tone for how the day unfolds or specifically how well we get on with the tasks at hand. Hot issues can be diversions when we need to be completely alert and focussed on core priorities. The art of management is to keep charging forward as a team despite what might be perceived as a set back or negative situation. These issues test both the organization and individuals.

I think of Ridley Scottʼs “Gladiators” one of my all time favorite movies. One scene comes to mind when actor Russell Crowe enters the Coliseum. He's portrayed as the leader among a diverse group of personalities. He takes charge of the situation by ordering everyone regardless of what comes they must stay together. One of the Gladiators in the event clearly looses control pissing himself among the line of men about to go into the ring. Immediately upon the gate opening another is smacked in the face and falls. 

"What ever comes out of these gates we have a better chance of survival if we work together"

The situation unfolds once the gates open. The film portrays a clear disadvantage to the Gladiators who come up against chariots pulled by horses with Archers. The Archers yoked on their fast moving platforms shoot arrows into the Gladiators specifically Gladiators who aren't grouped together. All of this makes for great theatre for the Romans but eventually the Gladiators show their strategy. They remain together as tight units. Their united prowess against threats and adversity successfully overcomes what is impossible odds, the Gladiators win.

Gladiator the movie defines great lessons for those interested in organizational

I've seen it a half dozen times. 

The team today has grown to over seventy staff members. We're a multidisciplinary media house with business activities going on in quarters across the platform. The organization has entered a new phase of growth where no longer does one single outcome set the tone for the day. Weʼre doing amazing things. Things including meeting deadlines, enterprise web launches with stakeholders joining remotely across the country. They join in celebration of their new brand. We fulfill events where our team pitch new design or attend functions weʼve organized and fulfilled. Our team completes proposal submissions, sponsorship arrangements, client brainstorming sessions, outbound calling engagements and a myriad of activities weekly. These activities define who the organization is today and how weʼre perceived by our clients and stakeholders.

Staying together an intelligent response to hot issues.

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