Sunday, September 5, 2010

“Cultivating communities of practice”

gordongroup certainly is an example of such a community. Clients become part of a larger community once they've engaged with us. Typically they become accustomed to our proactive response that we provide to delivery of design solutions, creative writing, technology for online platforms, media development and outreach. All of these skills performed by people who demonstrate pride, empathy and years of practical experience extending their capability.

As we evolve along the technology path and witness the emergent online sphere, some things stay constant while new developments are evident quarterly.  Operating in the media space on major documentary production has extended the notion of multi disciplinary capability to our clients in a formidable way.

Where media was and where it is today specifically the broadcast format has changed for good. All these changes are storming ahead. This has organizations asking questions about how to prioritize their brand building and market outreach.

The transition to broadcast media online puts new tools in the hands of organizations that otherwise couldn’t be conceived just a few years back. In retrospect, our experience dealing in organizational brand building over the last two decades has been steeped with practice in each unique transition along the curve of growth from telephone and print to international skype calls and full-length documentary production.

The Internet of course has made this all possible.

Design and related extensions including managing knowledge, innovation, prototyping, creative thinking and right brain analysis today is at the forefront of leadership. The designer's role is integral to all these competencies.

The movie “Helvetica” ends with a high priest from the design world commenting on how the web has democratized communications and the brand business so anyone with an interest today can essentially create highly personalized and differentiated outreach tools to promote their cause.

“Design Thinking “ underscores a new approach to competitive advantage for organizations. While change continues to march ahead Design Thinking today is embraced by leading companies in the market.  Design Thinking is one bet an organization can place with confidence knowing it will drive momentum forward and cultivate communities of practice.

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