Friday, October 8, 2010

Among the Dunes in Prince Edward County


Here among the dunes on an extended long weekend after a journey north over the last couple of weeks and a very exciting and engaged roller coaster 22nd year of business operations. In light of the fact so much has happened over the last twelve months it seems apt I use the occasion to try and do a little freeze frame of what has been a memorable and dynamic series of experiences leading to now. 

A remarkable assignment described as " a project of a lifetime" has been foundational to what has made the year great. I'm thankful to many people starting with my clients for extending to me the trust to take this project on. That project is "The Eeyouch of Eeyou Istchee".

This year the doc. film series opened up a modality different, yet in many ways closely related to the kinds of activities and roles we've played since our inception. After all documentary is storytelling. Brand development is storytelling, annual report and publication design is storytelling as is providing rational for symbol design or creation of prototypes. 

Access remains a core ideology of what we do and strong persuasive stories make the notion of access core to understanding and meaning. 

Core to all of this has been the rich relationships that are formed underway delivering the solutions. The relations start with those who contribute daily at our organization. The people around me including directors, project managers, designers, writers, accountants and many others who make a difference with their unique sense of professionalism, dedication and resolve to extend their capabilities to clients.  

Stand out year themes include: 

1.Growing the multi discipline business model specifically film, direct marketing, and digital media. 
2.Relations with clients and staff have proven great. They have extended to me unique and privileged experiences. 
3.Taking stock that the idea to pursue running a company at the age of 27, in turn aligning with a business partner in the early days of growth. That idea at that time with all the downside pressures of start up transformed now into a dynamic enterprise meeting the requirements of organizations who come to know and trust our team. 

Our ideology about making information clear and accessible, combined with engaging top flight professionals to put these ideas into practice remains constant. 

While we've grown the business this year we continue to drive forward by adapting to our clients requirements through innovation and embracing new media solutions and methods. 

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