Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Quest for Great Storytelling

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As the story goes, the story may enhance your brand or unfortunately contribute to a rather lackluster image. The story is an essential component in the eyes of those who you depend on for ensuring stability and growth. Brand after all is about managing the visual and messaging constructs of the organization.

gordongroup is engaged in re-brand opportunities as well as developing identity frameworks and brand building tools for new initiatives. In each scenario we’ve found the opportunities to evolve brands through collaboration with our clients and their stakeholders engaging and beneficial experiences.

Storytelling is an essential element in the process. Understanding some basic principles of storytelling will contribute to more effective brand building.

Creating within our client’s brand story archetypes is a reliable approach to longevity and timeless identity solutions. Often story archetypes exist but remain undiscovered simply because those within the organization are close to the operations they haven’t uncovered the essence of what they are doing that will contribute to success.  Uncovering these elements of brand success is an important aspect of ensuring impact in marketing and outreach. Defining the elements in the form of meaningful stories will not only enhance the brand's market strength but also it will sustain the organization's brand over time. Timeless brands rely on brilliant storytelling.

A key element within storytelling is the notion of “archetypes”. Access remains an archetype that resonates for me because design and effective brand drive understanding for those audiences who you want to influence, educate or deliver meaning toward. This great metaphor, access is a story archetype. Aptly coined by information guru Richard Saul Wurman. He used the principles of building architecture, specifically how people experience architecture. This analysis compared to how people find meaning and knowledge applied to design and information.

But other archetypes exist that can be used among your organizations brand building teams. Techniques that provide assurance the identity will stand out in the market.

A great book that I’ve discovered and referred to on earlier posts, contributes to timeless results is “The Elements of Persuasion”  The authors use storytelling and archetypes as the basis for successful  outcomes.

Archetypes include passion, hero, conflict, transformation and awareness. Obvious storytelling constructs that everyone can immediately recognize. These classic storytelling devices of course are evident and universal, they’re certainly timeless and applied to all age groups and cultures.

Uncovering the organization's unique story archetype is foundational and core to brand leadership. The process of developing the brand’s story absolutely relies on original thinking among those concerned.

Discover the archetypes that define your unique identity. 


Bob said...

Thanks for the mention of my book and loved your James Bay Northern Quebec video. Billy Diamond is a wonderful hero.

Bob Dickman

Robert W. Chitty said...

I have used the thinking in your book's pages on many occasions on behalf of our clients. As well lent it out as a primer for those clients wanting to enhance their identity.