Friday, November 27, 2009

Bon Vivant!

Many great opportunities arise in the design business we play a central role assisting our clients with conversations that engage their various audiences both old and young. We often enter into opportunities that require visuals. Visuals come in many forms photographs, illustrations, iconic marks, symbols or logos. The business of commercial illustration has evolved with the advent of new technologies specifically software programs like 3D MAX and Maya. The level of realism that illustrators achieve today is remarkable. Visuals and words plus engineering combine all the essential ingredients to making information meaningful.

In my quest for realism and the personification of inhuman objects long before online technologies I went on a pursuit some years back prior to 1995. I met an extraordinary individual Francesco Santalucia. I needed someone who could turn produce into mascots. This was a project for a client’s umbrella organization. Their membership includes produce growers from across the country. This association wanted to launch a kids outreach campaign. We found Francesco in Montreal as a result of his pages in a large hard cover illustrator’s promotional publication. He had the right skills to bring carrots, apples and other earthly vegetables to life. The intent was to make these vegetable products into animated characters that would appeal to young children. The project was a smash hit Francesco's illustration created more demand from children across Canada joining the club then the client envisioned or expected. A great metric and fabulous outcome promoting healthy eating to youngsters while being educated about nutrition.

Francesco was at the office today, we engaged him to render a high realism Maya animated sequence for our documentary film production that is nearing completion. He came to Ottawa to review the details and creative direction with the film director and director of photography (DOP). The relationship lives on and I'm thrilled to have Francesco back on assignment for our clients.

Lasting business relationships contribute to making the business vital. The projects we complete on behalf of our clients bring constant reminders of the upside of collaborating toward positive outcomes and driving the company success. Having dynamic people part of the program is that much more rewarding.

Times shared with Francesco have been great his fabulous work over the last couple of decades enshrined positive memories. His work stands as testament to someone who has unmatched passion achieving excellence in his craft. I believe his core brand is capturing children’s imagination through extraordinary skill in rendering ideas. Check out his site to get the picture.

We’ve become friends. His insight and counsel on matters of business have been great. His creativity, wisdom, and genuine magnetic style and inspirational spirit is evident in his craft and abundant in his personality. I look forward to continuing great times ahead launching brilliant visuals for our clients knowing and collaborating with Francesco Santalucia.

Smoking good Cuban cigars, drinking fine wine and enjoying remarkable dinners with this bon vivant has contributed to enriching many experiences personally and professionally.

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