Saturday, November 14, 2009

Digitize or Acidify

Books bring knowledge to people. Books contribute to our individual identity and our country's identity. I enjoy having books in our various shelving around the house they anchor our interior living environment with memories, art, stories and other rich and meaningful effects. My boy’s room is a youth library he got the reading gene in his elementary years through structured reading at home and careful support at his school he loves books we’ve helped by investing in his collection. (Chapter’s binging and withdrawal is a dangerous and sometimes costly addiction) Libraries, Archives and Universities as well Community groups and other organizations all stock books in various scales of order. A quick glance at an individual’s book collection confirms much about that person’s individual brand. The same is true for corporate libraries or a nation's collection. Books are part of our extended identity they personify who we are today and offer rich meaning about our past.

The Save a Page Campaign that we’ve developed in partnership with our clients from Canadiana is another extraordinary opportunity that makes coming to gordongroup rewarding. We’re performing an integral role on an important challenge facing Canadians. The challenge we have is the prevention of losing core elements of our national ethos as Canadians due to books falling apart and disintegrating. When books age they suffer from a kind of book cancer known as acidification. The good news is we‘ve entered into a new economic reality. Richard Florida defines it as the creative class where design and innovation married with technology led by people with vision is opening new opportunities. The transition is well underway and much of the workplace horizon has shifted. Books can be saved with a commitment to digitization. Google of course is the king of digitization. The movement to Digitize in Canada is comprised of many people including influential individuals in the Library, Museum and Archival arena. As well a groundswell of focus is building by people in many other sectors. All of this commitment is underway to protect Canada’s heritage through digitization activities. This notion of digitization is a large mandate that reaches across Canada. The intent is to put people to work conducting scanning and preserving activities in a deliberate and managed effort. This sizable task will define an important segment of the labour market in the years ahead.

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