Sunday, February 7, 2010

From Jeremy Kuzub who wrote...

I noticed this neat angle on Google - it shows a lot of insight and thinking into their own product and is the fruit of some enlightened self reflection I think.

Why do people use Google? They follow that question to the human side of things and uncover the real value that they offer to people and articulate in a way that is fitting of their brand image. Be neat to hear what you think!

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Bob on Brand writes...

I took a look what is evident as you say is the Human side and how "search" is arguably an extension of our senses. We can have an information feast could be a snack, decadent meal, desert or some other form of consumption. I think its also cool how the interface design google created back when they first launched is essentially the same today. The site design has brilliant functionality credit to the people in their day who envisioned and engineered the largest archive ever.

google is a new phenomena by comparison to old distribution technologies ie: TV, Radio, Telephone. Marshall Mcluhan who was famous for the slogan "media is the massage" had an acute ability to define how these old medias changed human habits or defined impacts technologies played on our senses.

I recall he described TV as a hot media where anchors or commentators would do better job of conveying the news message if they used a more calm restful approach because this would result in a better capture by listeners/viewers of the broadcast. Wolf Blitzer it occurs to me is a hot commentator "highly wound up character" within a hot media this seems to me is an example of why the show "the situation room" is so hard to settle into. The broadcaster in these scenarios I believe is doing a disservice to the viewer. It's not long before the remote button channels away. Trouble with the format when the emotional amperage is so highly wound the sensationalism dilutes the essence of the news value.

Mcluhan made many fascinating observations about technologies the other apt reference he defined was "the global village" It would be great to hear a Mcluhanist prophetic explaining what this new form of media means, looking toward the future.

From a design perspective I think we're witnessing a major democratizing of information available to everyone. Including information that has varying degrees of value.
I see a new conversation emerging and its about design and making information meaningful.

Design of information and related technologies / process's will be paramount to competitive advantage and sustaining vital and progressive organizations. Eventually design will rank higher and emerge to the forefront. People recognize design value today as a core driver for changing perceptions, gaining market share or building Obama, iphone, Target, gordongroup ....

Jeremy of course you already practice engineering with design as a primary construct of your brilliant solutions. This is evident in the interactive web based learning modules you produce on behalf of the federal governments aerospace investment.


We're fortunate to have clients who partner with us in extraordinary design.

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