Sunday, February 14, 2010

A good strategy for remaining vital and building relations in the design and brand business.

Multi disciplinary = competitive advantage
Over the last twelve months we’ve seen many breakthroughs and met some interesting challenges. When I look back I take some comfort knowing this year personally has been one of the best on record from the point of view of client relations, nature of assignments and opportunities.

None of this would be possible of course without the people who are on my team and arrive at work on a day to day basis contributing to the growth and vitality of gordongroup. We also benefit from the contingent support of many talented professionals who play an integral role on unique assignments that are underway on behalf of our clients.
I will make reference to a few exceptional developments worth shedding some light on here that have been defining changes in the companies evolution over the last year.

My background and training was in design back in the eighties. The organization started as a design boutique in the central business district of Ottawa. At that time we attracted many clients in that era who required print products. Today we’re a multidisciplinary organization with different units working collaboratively on our clients mandates. 

Our units today include Design which I believe is an overarching function of all our areas of activity Writing, Project Management, Engineering / Digital media, Stakeholder engagement and Sales. These six units are positioned with strategic planning at the forefront of execution and as market driven entities responding to ongoing and new projects weekly.

We’ve grown into a multi disciplinary organization because we recognize that our market is constantly changing and that clients aspire to have new and different forms of tools for their conversations with their target audience’s or for their brand building.
One area that we’re excited about is our Direct Marketing Unit. This operation is headed by a leader who is a professional managing large scale outbound call campaigns. 

Thomas Krayer is behind this discipline contributing as part of our team, building new client relations and managing his team of committed communications professionals. We built the unit under sponsorship agreements with clients delivering publications and subscriptions campaigns. This area of service has become integral to our clients bringing them value through stakeholder engagement. 

We recently aquired a 2000 sq.ft office condo in the recently completed Westboro Station complex here in Ottawa Canada. We bought this state of the art facility to support the ongoing growth of this enterprise. We watched our esteemed associates depart from our headquarters to their new office space. The transition took some adjustment since the energy and buzz that these committed and dedicated individuals brought every day to gordongroup suddenly felt like it had been vacuumed out and left the premises.

That energy of course is being channeled at the team's new space. Their witnessing exponential growth and great new partnerships and client relations.

Documentary Film Producing and Directing is a discipline that requires very unique and different skill sets from Direct Marketing activities. The essence of what our business is about today is providing meaningful outreach solutions and brand building tools to our clients. We’re recognized for being able to identify the best talent from within our staff or networks to effectively meet the high standards our clients have come to appreciate and expect from gordongroup.

Documentary Filmmaking today is now integrated as a core function of our multi-disciplinary offering.
We’re sponsored to do a four episode historical feature series on the James Bay Northern Quebec Cree. This project has been described as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Our team both internally and externally is now on the home stretch bringing one of the four episodes to completion. Its been a remarkable example of trust extended to us from our clients. Gordongroup is recording history for the Cree for their future generations.

Design Boutique to Multi-Disciplinary Agency. Adding talented people and offering core services that clients want. A good strategy for remaining vital and building relations in the design and brand leadership business.

Happy Valentines day!

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