Thursday, February 18, 2010

What’s holding you back?

CIRA oversees the dot-ca Internet domain on behalf of Canadians. After 10 years in business, the organization recently logged just over one million dot-ca registrants. In 2008, they set a goal to double that within two years. CIRA relied on gordongroup to develop a marketing framework that would make it happen.

Through analyzing CIRA’s brand strategy, we quickly understood the need to develop a brand framework that would allow dot-ca to achieve commercial success. Extensive qualitative and quantitative research led us to recommend that CIRA be positioned as the “shop” and dot-ca as the product.

gordongroup clearly differentiated the two brands and created a well-defined strategy to drive business over the coming years. This strategy capitalized on CIRA’s core marketing tool—its website.
After analyzing hundreds of pages of content, we created a new site architecture and design, developed interactive elements, and integrated a customized Content Management System. Finally, we created print advertising to drive traffic to the site.

gordongroup untangled a complex brand challenge and helped CIRA convey the unique value of dot-ca to the world.

A clear brand strategy will open new doors and pave the way to growth.

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